Clean Up

  • Sweep-Up grass clippings,┬áleaves, twigs, sticks, pine cones, pine needles, pine straw, apples, trash, geese droppings, aeration plugs, divots, fireworks debris, gravel, stones, small 2x4 pieces, horse manure, acorns, feathers, wood chips & more!
    • Clean up litter and other trash after public events, weddings, county fairs, fireworks show etc.
    • Keep your paddocks clean from manure, the Sweep-All Series cleans up dry manure with ease.

Lawn Care

  • Benefits of dethatching your lawn
    • the breath-ability gives your grass life again
    • healthy root growth
    • rain absorbs quicker into lawn
    • grass grows thicker
    • exposes soil to warm sunlight
    • fresh, new, healthy grass look
  • Maintain turf health for lawns, parks, sports fields, fairways & other grass areas

Proud Owners

  • The Sweep-All Series Lawn Sweepers are proudly owned by...
    • county parks
    • city public works
    • landscaping companies
    • rental stores
    • golf courses
    • school districts / divisions
    • parks & recreation departments
    • private home owners
    • lawn care professionals
    • farmers
    • colleges
    • municipalities
    • orchards
    • resorts
    • campgrounds
    • sports committees