Powered Lawn Sweepers

Whether it’s an athletic field, public park or just your own backyard, keeping outdoor spaces pristine and clean requires power. Fortunately, Sweep-All has a lineup of power lawn sweepers built specifically for cleaning up your space as quickly and effectively as possible. Our powered sweepers make short work of green spaces full of sticks, pinecones, stones, litter, leaves and more. They’re the perfect addition to any grounds crew’s fleet, saving significant amounts of time and labor compared to other methods of removing debris.

Fully Featured for Effective Clean-Up

Our range of gas-powered lawn sweepers come equipped with numerous features that make them the ideal solution for virtually any outdoor areas. These power lawn sweepers include powerful brushes that spin fast enough to pick up leaves and light debris without coming into contact with the ground. The high-capacity hoppers included in our powered sweepers enable you to clean up golf courses and other large areas in less time because you won’t have to stop constantly to empty it.

No matter what which model you choose, you can be sure that all of our gas-powered lawn sweepers have been engineered and manufactured to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency. Built to be as tough as farm equipment, our motorized sweepers can stand up to repeated use in heavy-duty applications with no trouble. Our innovative designs and commitment to quality are what ensure our turf sweepers stand apart from the competition.

Why Choose Sweep-All?

When you need robust, easy-to-use lawn sweepers that are up to even the toughest work, there’s no better choice. Sweep-All’s equipment ensures a healthier, cleaner lawn by removing debris, but that’s not all. Their simple controls and intuitive design contribute to a seamless and enjoyable user experience. We’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve built in the industry, making us the premier choice for the best lawn maintenance solutions. To learn more, reach out today.