TurfMaster has been dedicated to producing the highest quality lawn sweepers and providing the best customer service for over 16 years. TurfMaster began in a small village south of Winkler, Manitoba in 1999 when a property owner needed to clean up his yard. Seeing a gap in the market he designed and fabricated his own ground driven sweeper in his 600 square foot shop. Word spread quickly and by the end of that year he had built and sold 25 units but still did not have one for himself.

By 2002 the ground driven unit had been retired and replaced by four new models. Custom models were also designed and fabricated based on customers unique needs. The company had grown from a hobby to a small business with 3 employees.

The Sweep-All Series continues to evolve with the introduction of electronic controls, it lets you stay on the towing unit while adjusting brush height, throttle control and the use the dump by a hand held remote.

In 2013 TurfMaster moved into another shop occupying over 10 000 square feet of shop space in Winkler, Manitoba. The Sweep-All Series machines are in operation across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Schnell Industries Inc purchased TurfMaster in January 2017 and now manufacture and operate out of a brand new facility of 20 000 square feet. Schnell Industries is very excited to have added a new product line of the Sweep-All Series with acquisition of TurfMaster. Schnell Industries is a growing company looking to broaden and diverse their manufacturing portfolio with lawn care equipment along with their expertise in Agriculture, Industrial and the Oil and Gas Industry. Schnell Industries looks forward to branding and supplying the TurfMaster Sweep-All Series to many equipment dealers, golf courses, parks and recreation, lawn care professionals and your everyday home owner to keep your turf healthy and clean. Schnell Industries stands behind the TurfMaster Sweep-All Series product every step of the way, we take pride in what we do!