Lawn Aerator Machines

Sweep-All’s lawn aerator machines make it easy to help your lawn stay healthy. Whether you have a large backyard, a commercial landscaping business or even a golf course, our turf aerators make short work of aerating your space for greener, stronger grass. When pulled behind a lawn tractor, our aerators perforate the ground with tines and remove soil plugs. This helps water, air and nutrients get down to the roots of the grass, helping to ensure healthier turf.

Features Of Our Turf Aerators

Our lawn aerator machines are the ideal solution for lawn care in a diverse range of applications and industries. From sports fields to commercial landscapes to residential lawns, these grass aerator machines are designed to get the job done right. They feature two separate sections of tines to make turning easy and reduce damage to your lawn. The adjustable tow bar hitch means it’s easy to hook up the lawn aerator machine to your tractor, and its durable design means there’s little maintenance required.

Why Choose Sweep-all?

Our yard aerators are built using only the highest-quality materials, meaning you will be able to get many years of usage out of it. Adding one of our soil aerators to your landscaping equipment ensures you give your lawn every opportunity to soak in what it needs to be as strong and healthy as possible. Get in touch with us today to learn why we’ve earned a reputation for unparalleled quality and performance across our entire range of offerings. For more information about these machines, take a look at the product listings on this page.