For modern municipalities, proper city lawn care is a necessity. Not only do well-maintained parks and green spaces look good, but they also play a role in creating and maintaining a healthy environment. Lush grassy areas can help clean the air, minimize erosion from storm water runoff, buffer noise pollution, improve local soil and even lower temperatures. That’s why municipal sweepers are so important. When you’re looking for municipal lawn equipment for city, county and parks lawn care, Sweep-All is your best choice. Our products save you hours of labor and money, require only one person to operate them and are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain.

Features and Uses of Sweep-All Products

In addition to their many other benefits, Sweep-All products offer versatility. They come with so many features and applications! Whether you want to collect grass clippings and lawn debris or stimulate grassy areas to become healthier and thicker, the Sweep-All product line makes it possible. Here are some of the features you will enjoy with our municipal lawn care equipment:

  • Tools that pick up grass clippings, leaves, tree debris, stones, litter and more
  • Adjustable broom speed, broom height, dump and scissor lift — all via hand-held push-button controls
  • An excellent way to maintain turf health at parks, lawns, sports fields, athletic centers, fairways and other grassy areas
  • A wide range of applications, from maintaining small lawns to cleaning up at county fairs, wedding venues, firework displays, lakeshores and more

Sweep-All Products Benefit Municipalities

No matter the size or location of your municipality, choosing Sweep-All products to handle your city, park district or county lawn care needs provides several advantages, including:

  • A multitude of uses — Sweep-All municipal sweepers can help you clean up parks, lawns, fairgrounds and pretty much any other areas that can benefit from a fast, effective sweeping tool.
  • Preventative care — Regular maintenance of your grassy areas is key to preventing problems before they start.
  • Beautify public places — There’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of healthy lawns and green spaces. Make your city a prettier and more appealing place to live by properly caring for its landscaping and lawns.
  • Environmental benefits — Caring for your area’s green spaces not only beautifies your community, but also improves air and soil quality, minimizes noise pollution and may even keep buildings cooler.

Why Invest in Sweep-All Products

When it comes to municipal lawn care equipment, Sweep-All offers the highest-quality and most durable products in the marketplace. We’ve manufactured lawn sweepers for more than two decades and take pride in providing city lawn care equipment that is made to last. Our sweepers are specially designed to work for you and your municipality well into the future.

Contact us today to select the perfect Sweep-All product for your needs!