Rental Stores

Offer your customers an exceptional tool for property maintenance by adding a lawn sweeper rental to your store’s lineup of outdoor equipment. Sweep-All’s powerful turf and lawn sweepers are designed to make it easy to quickly remove debris and transport it off-site. Sweepers also can be used to dethatch yards by removing the layer of dead, flattened grass. When you’re ready to add a rental store sweeper to your product line, come to Sweep-All.

Why Sweep-All Products Appeal to Customers

Whether you rent equipment at your home improvement store, rental store or hardware store, consider the advantages of adding Sweep-All products to your offerings. The Sweep-All lawn brush sweeper rental gives customers an easy way to pick up grass clippings, leaves, acorns, pine cones, stones, twigs and more. Its broom speed, broom height and scissor lift are all adjustable via handheld push-button controls. Along with our turf sweeper rental and other lawn care products, Sweep-All rental equipment is exactly what your customers want and need to maintain their lawns. Here are a few reasons why Sweep-All products make sense for your store:

  • They save users money and hours of labor.
  • They offer one-person operation, saving extensive physical effort.
  • They’re incredibly reliable and low maintenance.

In addition to these benefits, Sweep-All sweepers also have a powered poly brush that that can be lifted 1.5 inches off the ground. This enables the machine to use its vacuum to pick up light debris such as leaves and grass clippings with no wear on the brush.

Benefits of Carrying Sweep-All Products

Any store that offers equipment rentals can benefit from adding Sweep-All products to its inventory. Consider some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you offer customers rental store lawn sweepers or other Sweep-All products:

  • Another revenue source — Adding another desirable rental product to your line gives you another opportunity to boost store revenue.
  • More expansive rental offerings — Our rental store turf sweeper has a variety of applications. By offering it for rent, you give your customers a tool for cleaning up, caring for lawns and improving property aesthetics and value.
  • A superior alternative to leaf blowers — For customers who want an effective alternative to raking, the lawn sweeper is a far more desirable option than a traditional leaf blower. Quiet, efficient and effective, it saves them energy, effort and time.

Why Trust Sweep-All?

The Sweep-All series of products originated with TurfMaster back in 1999 and was acquired by Schnell Industries Inc. in 2017. Throughout the past two decades, we have been proud to manufacture the finest lawn sweepers in the industry, sold with the best customer service. When you come to us for rental store sweepers, you know you’re getting the finest products and value.

To learn more about how our products could be useful for your store, contact Sweep-All or sign up to become a dealer today!