Sport Field Maintenance Equipment

Maintaining a sports field or ballpark is a difficult job, especially when it comes to the turf. Both natural grass and synthetic turf have unique needs. No matter which type of turf you have, a Sweep-All sweeper can simplify maintenance. Keep reading and we’ll show you how.



Sweep-All field turf sweepers are great for natural grass care. You’ll find this as an invaluable tool for sweeping grass clippings and dethatching the sod. On sports fields in particular, healthy growth that doesn’t yellow or become patchy under high traffic is essential.

Dethatching helps you accomplish this by removing a layer of old grass clippings to help the grass breathe better. This has the added advantage of creating a smooth playing field, which not only looks nice, but makes the field more suitable for sports of all kinds. For maintaining a ballpark, a Sweep-All sweeper will prove to be the most important piece of natural grass and field turf maintenance equipment in your arsenal.

These sweepers can be used for artificial grass maintenance, too. After a big game or another event, use a synthetic turf sweeper to clean up the mess that remains. With adjustable sweeper heads and large hoppers that are easy to empty into a dumpster, our artificial turf sweepers will pick up garbage and other debris left in the aftermath of an event.



The most immediate benefit to maintaining a ballpark is making sure it looks great ahead of big events. A sports field sweeper helps you keep the area neat and tidy. Impressions matter and using a sweeper to clean up debris keeps the field looking professional, which is attractive for players as well as spectators.

If you have natural grass instead of synthetic turf, then sports field dethatching helps the grass stay healthy and strong — despite the traffic it sees all season. Dethatching is also important for players’ safety. Clumpy grass or unhealthy sod prone to tearing can make the game more difficult to play. Players can also get injured if they slip or trip on the uneven surface.

If you’re in the market for a power broom for artificial turf or natural grass that will go the distance, Sweep-All’s models come highly recommended. Most sweepers available today are made with lighter materials and plastic parts, but our artificial grass sweepers are constructed with heavy-grade steel. What’s more, there are a variety of options available that will make your job easier.

Choose between engine-driven sweepers or a PTO-driven model. You can also select options for lifts that make dumping the hopper easier. To find the right sweeper for your sports venue, contact us. We are happy to answer any questions!